Friday, June 20, 2014

Important Membership Update and Directory

Hi Members,

Have you heard our record breaking news? 

We've had the most new members join in one season, we've had the lowest turnover rate in the 7 years we've been tracking it AND we have the highest membership level ever recorded at our club. In fact, we reached our capacity several weeks ago and have not been accepting any new members for the remaining 2014 swim season. At the end of the season, we will be surveying all of our members to find out what everyone thinks of our current level, before we make any decisions about the membership cap for next year. 

In the meantime, if you have friends or family thinking about joining, please have them fill out our 2015 Membership Notification form. We are not going to implement another wait list. Instead we are going to try a first come, first serve approach. Returning members will have ample time and notice to renew before any memberships are released to new members.

In related news, attached is an updated Membership Directory (available via email to members), which includes all of our new members. Please review your information and let me know of any changes. New members - if you haven't picked up your new member tags, they are waiting for you in the kitchen, to the right of the windows. 

Thanks and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer,

Leslie Freymann
HHSTC Membership Chair

Friday cookout, Saturday Night Fever Party and Swim Meet

We hope everyone is finding the time to come cool off during this recent heat wave.  The water feels great!  Below are a few things upcoming over the course of the next week or so...
Our usual Friday Night Cookout kicks into gear at around 6 PM.  Saturday brings us our 1st Saturday Night Fever Party.  The party begins at 5 PM and will include disco themed music, games for all ages, and pizza/concessions.  This is fun for the entire family and will surely be a great time!  Tuesday will be the finalHammerheads swim meet of the season and it is a home match.  Come on out and support our swim team.  They have done a great job this year!  The pool will close at 3 PM in preparation for the meet.
And a reminder that the pool opens at 10:30 AM every day except Sunday, which is 11 AM, no exceptions.  Swimming prior to official opening times creates an unnecessary safety risk to swimmers below 18 years of age.  Participants of Swim at Your Risk, who have signed and returned the waiver, may use the pool between from 6 AM - 10 AM.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekend Events and Other Fun Stuff

Our social calendar has been rocking, and the next few weekends will be no exception. In fact, it gets better!

Thursday (June 12th) - Opening World Cup Ceremony and Brazil vs. Croatia (4:00 pm). FIFA World Cup 2014 soccer matches will be streamed live in the clubhouse all summer long. Click here for additional details. Many thanks to Nick Guerrero, who has volunteered to bring us all the excitement. 

Friday - Cookout (6:00 pm) and Water Ballon Dodge Ball on the tennis courts (5:30 to 7:30 pm). The entire family is sure to have a great time! Volunteer Luis Moreno is planning and coordinating the dodge ball fun and Ryan Tracy, Ken Westbrook and Leslie Freymann will be volunteering at the grill.  

Saturday - Father's Day Celebration! The fun starts at 5 pm. We'll be bringing out the BIG grill and guys can bring whatever meat, etc they want to grill for their family and friends. We ask that ladies bring a pot luck side dish to share. The club will provide plates, napkins and utensils.    

We'll also have lots of corn hole games happening! 

At 6 pm we will have our first annual "Best Summer Drink Competition." Bring a pitcher (or more) of your favorite summer concoction or click here to find a new recipe. It's only $5 to sample all the drinks (free if you bring a drink) and you get to help vote for the best drink. Adults only. 

Prizes will be awarded from one of our fabulous 2014 SPONSORS.

Looking ahead...

Saturday (June 21st) brings us our first Saturday Night Fever party beginning at 5 pm. All the fun details to follow. The title alone sounds like a night you will not want to miss!

We hope you can make it for all the fun. Click here to help volunteer.


Our #1 Priority

Hi All,

We hope your summer has gotten off to a great start. We've already had several fun events at our pool and have so many more fun things planned! We are super excited to share all the details, but before we do, we'd like to focus for a minute on our number one priority: safety. 

Overall, things have been running very smoothly at our pool and to help keep it that way, we'd love for all our members to take a few minutes to review our rules by clicking here. If you have children, please go over the rules with them. With your help, we can keep our current safety streak going!

Below are a few other specific items that we'd like to address...

Deep End Rules
There is no swimming permitted in the deep end unless the guard has obviously closed the diving board.  Divers shall dive straight ahead and swim to the nearest ladder and exit the pool.  Parents, adult swim would be a better time to catch your small children from the diving board. During busy kids swim times, all swimmers must abide by this rule. The rope is the dividing line between the diving and swimming areas.

Pool Phone
If it is ringing, please answer it. 99% of the time it is a parent looking for their child.

Lifeguard Interaction
Guards may be approached by members at any time for immediate health and safety (1st aid) concerns. All medical supplies are located in the guard room and the guards are trained to assist with these matters. For all other concerns, comments or questions related to lifeguards and their management of the pool, please contact Ryan Tracy at 404-642-3408 or, or any available board member

No Glass
If glass breaks in or near the pool, we have to drain all the water and refill it; it's super expensive and we will bill the responsible party.  

Closing Procedure
The latest we stay open is 10 PM. The guards are instructed to blow the whistle and call adult swim at 9:45 PM.  Please use this last 15 minutes to gather your belongings and prepare to exit the facility no later than 10 PM.

Tennis Reservations
Our courts are very popular. Remember to utilize the on line court reservation. Most importantly, if you blocked off a time slot and know you will not be able to attend your reservation, be sure to go cancel your reservation. There are usually others who will happily fill your time slot - even at the last minute.

Thanks for reading this and don't forget to sign up to help with one of our upcoming social activities. Click here.  

See you at the pool! 

-HHSTC Board

Friday, June 6, 2014

Swim Meet Tues, Guys Grill Night, Corn Hole Tournament, Summer Drink Contest

Hi Members,

Tonight is our Friday Cookout and we are already looking ahead to next week...

Monday (June 9th) is our volunteer Board meeting. If you have anything you'd like us to discuss, please let us know by replying to this email. 

Tuesday is our first home swim meet. The pool closes to swimming at 3pm but please come and cheer on our team and enjoy a super fabulous dinner at our concessions stand. All proceeds go directly to the team. 

Friday is a regular cookout. Leslie, Kelly and Ken will be volunteering at the grill.  

Saturday we have lots going on! 

To celebrate Father's Day Weekend, we are having a Guy's Grill Night. We'll bring out all the grills and guys can bring whatever meat they want to cook for their friends and family. Ladies - please bring a potluck side dish to share.  

We'll also have a Corn Hole Tournament going on. Stay tuned for details.'s our First Annual Summer Drink Contest. It's really simple to enter. Bring a pitcher (or more) of your favorite summer drink and everyone will vote for the winners. The drinks and contest are for adults only. It costs only $5 to be a judge (free if you bring a drink) and winners will receive some of the most fabulous prices we've ever given away. 

We hope to see you this weekend! 

- HHSTC Board