Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Workday Sunday, Feb 24th - Plus Grounds and Cleaning News

Hi Members,

Who's ready for summer!?! Less than 3 months until the pool opens!

To help get things ready, we are having a volunteer workday on Sunday, February 24th from 1pm - 5pm

Please bring hand pruners, loppers, gloves, pressure washer (if you have one), bleach and garden spray bottles.  Goals would be to prune shrubbery along Commander entrance, pressure wash pool deck, and clean and sanitize the shade structure covers.

In news related to the maintenance and cleanliness of the club - we've hired a professional landscaping company to take care of our grounds all year long AND we will have someone professionally cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, clubhouse and concessions room all summer. Hopefully these additions will keep things looking even better, while also relieving some of the pressure off of our volunteer Board.

We hope to see you Sunday, Feb 24th!

- HHSTC Board 

Ps. Those attending the workday will get their $25 workday reimbursement checks :)
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